Cole Haan Philippines Official Page Now Open!

by Colin Chan  August 9, 2014

Cole Haan Philippines now has an official Facebook page! We saw it on our timelines and just had to click it considering the people here at Unbox have a small penchant for really amazing-looking footwear!

The FB page didn’t have much content yet (which is fairly obvious since they just opened yesterday), but it did reveal a pretty interesting post.


Cryptic or...not?
Cryptic or…not?


And along with a cover photo that says “6 Days” we’re highly speculating that this could be a countdown towards the ZeroGrand’s launch! If it is, then, woo-hoo, it’s about damn time! If you have no idea what a ZeroGrand is, check out our previous article where we marveled over that piece of engineering and design genius!


And so it begins... >:D
And so it begins… >:D


We’ll try to dig more info on this but in the meantime, why don’t you guys head over to their page and give them a LIKE so we can both find out what happens when that countdown reaches zero.

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