Cole Haan’s Black Friday Sale IS BACK!

by Colin Chan  November 25, 2015

Annnnd it’s back! Cole Haan’s crazy Black Friday Sale takes effect this November 27, 2015. With everything on the store on Sale, prepare yourselves (and your wallets) for another round of frenzied shopping.

Oh no. (Oh yesss!)
Oh no. (Oh yesss!)

Last year’s Black Friday madness had hundred of customers cleaning up the product aisles of participating Cole Haan stores. This year we’re expecting things to be the same — if not grander and wilder in scale.

So to better arm yourselves with what could potentially be the death of your credit cards, here are 3 vital things one could do before heading out to the Black Friday Sale.


We tried it...and it felt amazing! O_o

If you’re battling it out with throngs of angry buyers, and you do not have the luxury of time to go around and pick what you want, it’s best that you already have an idea of what you want to buy before stepping into the store. Research online, stalk their Facebook Page or visit the store of your choice before Friday to have a glimpse of the stocks that you would want to get. Take photos and fit them if you have to. Remember, you’re probably not the only one eyeing that superbly engineered ZeroGrand.


Remember, everything is on sale!

There’s a good chance that you won’t be able to get what you want during the Sale so it’s best to have contingencies at hand. What’s your 2nd or 3rd option if the one that you want can’t be bought (or was taken by someone else #huhubeh)? Remember EVERYTHING is on SALE. Most people forget the small peripherals like belts and socks and cleaning kits. 😉


Unless you have unlimited cash...stick to your budget!

This is pretty important. If you don’t want to get bill-shocked, it’s best if you have a maximum spending cap that you impose on yourself — regardless of how good the offers are. Remember the purpose of the sale isn’t really so that you can get as much “savings” as you can; it’s so that you end up spending more than what you originally planned to do. The allure of the limited time offer, the frenzy of people almost panic buying, one can get swept-up with everything that you start to lose track of your spending. Repeat after me: “I do not have unlimited credit”.

If you take these 3 things to heart, you should be fine come November 27, 2015.

Participating stores for the Cole Haan Black Friday Sale are: Shangri-La Plaza, Glorietta, Power Plant Mall, SM Mall of Asia and Ayala Center Cebu.


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