a-JAYS Four Unboxing

a-JAYS Four Unboxing

The local distributors of a-JAYS headphones sent us a review unit of their premiere in-ear earphones, the a-JAYS Four. I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about the a-JAYS Four so I was really excited to try it out myself. We just got the unit yesterday and let me just say that these buds live up to the hype!

You can tell from the packaging that the creators wanted to make this stand out compared to the other earphones that are just in soft/cheap plastic containers. The a-JAYS Four comes in a sleek black solid cylinder container. It was actually a bit hard to get it open at first until we found the mechanism at the bottom and at the back.

What’s inside the box? You have the earphones, manual, and different sizes of the silicone sleeves to make it fit more comfortably for your ears. It’s important that you try out the sleeves because you’ll want the perfect fit. If it’s too big or too small you’ll compromise on sound quality and you might find it uncomfortable.

One of the features of the a-JAYS Four is the controls which is found on the wire. It can be used for play, pause, next, previous, record, answer call, and end call.

The color, design, and functions of the a-JAYS Four are actually perfect for the iPhone 4. Wouldn’t mind buying one of these earphones for everyday use. 🙂

We’ll do a more comprehensive review of the unit later this week which will tackle sound quality in detail. This article is just really for first impressions. FYI, the a-JAYS Four retails for Php4,499.

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