Best Logitech Gear for Gaming and WFH During Lazada’s 11.11 Sale!

Want to spruce up your home office setup? Logitech is joining Lazada’s 11/11 grand sale, and they have a number of peripherals up for sale, with good price cuts to boot. To make things easy for you, we compiled six of the best peripheral deals that you can consider for upgrading your home office setup.

M220 Silent Mouse – from Php 690 to Php 499

If you are looking for a no-frills wireless mouse, the M220 is one of the most affordable wireless mice you can get with its under Php 500 price. This essential peripheral is powered by a AA battery that can last for as long as 18 months. Aside from that, it has a 1000DPI sensor resolution, three buttons, a scroll wheel, and a near-silent clicking mechanism.

You can buy the M220 Silent Mouse here.

Best. Mouse. Ever.

MX Master 2S – from Php 5,790 to Php 4,440

Logitech’s best wireless mouse for power productivity gets an over Php 1k price cut, giving it a new price that is under Php 4.5k. This high-end mouse can be used with multiple devices with Logtech Flow and has a precise 4000DPI sensor that can work on any surface including glass. It also has a unique, hand-scuplted design for thebest in comfort.

You can buy the MX Master 2S here.


F310 Gamepad Controller – from Php 1,288 to Php 999

While work is definitely important, it is just important to allot some time for playing games. That being said, it is wise to invest on a good gamepad like the F310, which will have an under Php 1k price this 11/11. The F310 has a familiar console-like layout that should work with practically all games (both PC and Android) and comes with a 1.8-meter cord that should be long enough in case you intend to play games on a big screen.

You can buy the F310 Gamepad Controller here.


K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard – from Php 1,999 to Php 1,470

Logitech’s most popular Bluetooth keyboards will be over Php 500 cheaper come 11/11, and is the best one out there if you are the type that needs a wireless keyboard for three different devices. What makes the K380 a standout is that the keys can be configured regardless of what platform you are using: Windows, iOS, MacOS, Android, you name it.

You can buy the K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard here.


K480 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard – from Php 2,990 to Php 1,770

For a few hundred Pesos more, the K480 adds a cradle for holding your phone or tablet, along with an Easy Switch dial for seamlessy switching between up to three devices.

You can buy the K480 Multi-Deice Bluetooth Keyboard here


Z333 2.1 Speaker System – from Php 2,950 to Php 1,860

Having a good sound system for your home office is great for improving productivity, and this 2.1 speaker system is a deal with an over Php 1k price cut. For under Php 1.9k, you get a total of 80w peak power from its two speakers and subwoofer, along with connectivity to up to two devices with its 3.5mm and RCA out jacks for connectivity options.

You can buy the Z333 2.1 Speaker System here.



G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse – from Php 8,599 to Php 5,390

If precision really matters with your work (and with your games too), the G Pro Wireless is one of the best wireless gaming mice you can buy—and it is even a compelling offer with a price cut of over Php 3k. This gaming mouse can be configured with side buttons, can be used in wired mode, and comes with a 16000 DPI max resolution and a 1ms response rate.

You can buy the G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse here.

G502 HERO – from Php 5,500 to Php 3,050

If you are team wired and simply prefer the best value-for-money gaming mouse, the G502 Hero will be on sale this 11/11 for a little over Php 3k. As a performance mouse, you get Logitech’s HERO 16000DPI sensor, 11 programable buttons, tunable weights, and RGB lighting.

 You can buy the G502 Hero here.

G Pro X Gaming Headset – from Php 7,499 to Php 5,690

Having a good headset is a must not just for games, but also for your Zoom calls. With a near Php 2k price cut on the G Pro X, you get features like quality 50mm drivers, 6mm mic, memory foam padding, and a durable, premium aluminum and steel build.

You can buy the G Pro X Gaming Headset here.

Z607 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System – from Php 6,650 to Php 4,489

If you want a serious upgrade, why not go all-in with Logitech’s Z607. This system gives you 5.1 surround sound with 160w peak power for an immersive audio experience. This sound system has various input options too: you can play music via Bluetooth, an SD card, a USB flash drive, or even through old school FM radio. Oh, and the over Php 2k price cut makes it an even better deal too.

You can buy the Z607 here.

G560 RGB PC Gaming Speakers – from Php 12,499 to Php 8,800

If you are all about the RGB life, the G560 is a great set of 2.1 surround sound speakers that boast unique RGB lighting that is driven by the game you are playing. They are also powerful, as they provide 240w of peak power, along with a choice between USB-C, Bluetooth, or 3.5mm jack connectivity. And that near-Php 4k price cut? Definitely tempting.

You can buy the G560 here.

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