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Best Deals For Marshall Headphones and Speakers During Lazada’s 11/11 Sale!

If you are looking for a great audio upgrade (whether it may be speakers or headphones), Marshall will have really, really good deals this coming 11/11 in their official Lazada store. While a big chunk of those on sale are previous-generation models, they are still worth considering especially if you are on a budget and a big fan of the brand.

We chose 10 deals below that are definitely worth considering:

Stockwell – from Php 13,450 to Php 8,420

If you are the kind who is always on the go and wants quality audio, the Stockwell is a great choice. Aside from being very compact, the Stockwell can last for up to 25 hours on a single charge AND can charge your devices too. Plus, with a near-Php 5k price cut, this deal is really, really good.

You can get the Stockwell here.

Acton – from Php 17,990 to Php 12,920

If you want a small speaker for your room, the Acton is a compact choice with its powerful 41w audio output, Bluetooth connectivity, and 3.5mm audio out to connect your favorite legacy devices. At under Php 13k, this is definitely a steal.

You can get the Acton here.

Uxbridge Voice – from Php 11,990 to Php 9,450

Mashall’s tiny smart speaker is a great addition for those who are building their own smart homes. The Uxbridge supports Google Assistant and Apple AirPlay, and works seamlessly with Google Home.

You can get the Uxbridge Voice here.

Stanmore – from Php 19,990 to Php 14,920

The first-generation Stanmore is a nice compact stereo speaker that is perfect for your living room. It offers the best of both worlds: digital with its Bluetooth connectivity and analog with its RCA and 3.5mm outputs.

You can get the Stanmore here.

Stanmore II – from Php 22,990 to Php 16,920

If you have the Uxbridge (or any other smart speaker) want a multi-room system, the Stanmore II adds that feature, along with support for Google Assistant for your smart home needs.

You can get the Stanmore II here.

Woburn – from Php 28,500 to Php 18,520

Is the Stanmore small for you? The Woburn has two 1-inch tweeters and two 5.25-inch woofers, giving you a total of 110w of quality audio output. Like the Stanmore, you get Bluetooth connectivity and RCA and 3.5mm outputs for your analog needs.

You can get the Woburn here.

Woburn II – from Php 30,690 to Php 21,520

Love the Woburn but prefer something that fits with your smart home needs? The Woburn II adds support for Google Assistant, along with support for multi-room connectivity.

You can get the Woburn ii here.

Major II Bluetooth – from Php 6,500 to Php 3,950

While the Major IV Bluetooth is set to be available at our shores soon, those who have a tight budget can opt for the still great Major II Bluetooth, which will have a compelling sub-Php 4k price.

You can get the Major II Bluetooth here.

Monitor Bluetooth – from Php 8,590 to Php 6,920

If you want something with more oomph, you can opt for the first-gen Monitor Bluetooth, which will have a sub-Php 7k price. Yes, you are getting Marshall’s mid-range headphones (which have great 40mm drivers) for a price that is lower than the Major III Bluetooth.

You can get the Monitor Bluetooth here.

Mid Bluetooth – from Php 9,690 to Php 7,620

If you want the best Marshall headphones, their top-tier Mid Bluetooth will have a sub-Php 8k price, making it a nice option if you want even better sound quality than the Monitor.

You can get the Mid Bluetooth here.


Aside from these deals, here’s another bonus: Marshall is slashing off an additional 3% if you purchase at least Php 20,000 worth of items! So if you were to ask us, now is the perfect time to snag a pair of headphones AND a speaker system to satisfy your audio needs. Happy shopping!

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