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Best Deals For Samsung Smartphones During Lazada’s 11/11 Sale!

Great deals are to be had still

We’re barreling towards Lazada’s hotly-anticipated 11/11 sale and if you’re a Samsung fan, you should get your wallet and cards ready. The Korean chaebol is putting several phones on sale, and as with our other articles for 11/11, we’ll be adding more items to this list as soon as they become available.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung’s first foldable flip-phone has gotten a massive price cut. The Galaxy Z Flip is as awesome as the first time we saw it in the flesh, and you can now get your very own slice of foldable heaven for 43% less of its original Php 79,990 SRP, down to just Php 44,995.

You can get the Galaxy Z Flip here.

Samsung Galaxy S20+

Flagship price cuts are the best kind of price cuts, and nothing could be sweeter than the price reduction on Samsung’s Galaxy S20+. The phone is the most practical out of the trio of Galaxy S20 phones, and thanks to the 11/11 sale, it’s only Php 30,990 down from its original Php 55,990 price tag. That’s great savings for a flagship phone!

You can get the Galaxy S20+ here.

Samsung Galaxy A71

The Galaxy A71 impressed us when it first hit our labs at the beginning of the year, though our main gripe with it was its price. Well, if its initial Php 22,990 price tag was a bit steep for you, Samsung has cut the price down to just Php 19,890 for 11/11.

You’re getting quite a lot with the A71, including quad-cameras, a fetching design as well as a

You can get the Galaxy A71 here.

Samsung Galaxy M31

Want a phone with a massive battery? Look no further than the Galaxy M31. This big boi has a massive 6000mAh battery under its plastic chassis, as well as a 64-megapixel rear camera, and a Super AMOLED display. The price that Samsung is asking for the Galaxy M31 during the sale is downright crazy, as they’ve cut the SRP of this phone from Php 13,990 to just Php 7,350! That’s insane value!

You can get the Galaxy M31 here.

Samsung Galaxy A21s

The Galaxy A21s is yet another good-looking mid-range phone made even better with Samsung’s price cut. The phone originally had a Php 11,990 price tag which put it out of the reach of some people, but it’ll have a more palatable Php 9,990 price tag during the sale. that’s a great price for a mid-range phone with quad-cameras that has a big, 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display.

You can get the Galaxy A21s here.

Samsung Galaxy A20s

Want an even cheaper Galaxy smartphone? Then go for the Galaxy A20s. Samsung’s slashing the price of this particular phone from Php 8,990 down to just Php 6,890 during the sale. There’s a triple camera at the rear, as well as a large 6.2-inch HD+ display at the front. The phone’s large 4000mAh battery should keep the lights on for a while too.

You can get the Galaxy A20s here.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Yes, we know that the Galaxy Note 8 is an old flagship (it’s around 3 years old at this point) but it still a pretty potent smartphone even today. Samsung’s done a good job updating the software of the phone through the years, and its cameras are still better than most mid-range phones nowadays. Samsung’s selling the Galaxy Note 8 for just Php 24,990 during the sale if you want it.

You can get the Galaxy Note 8 here.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (with free LED cover)

Samsung’s cutting the price of their flagship S20 Ultra to crazy levels during the sale, and if you’ve always wanted to get a slice of premium Samsung tech, now’s the time. The company is slashing the price of the S20 Ultra from Php 55,990 to just Php 37,995 a price reduction of 32%!

You can get the S20 Ultra here.

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