Canon Finally Confirms Development of EOS R1

Canon Finally Confirms Development of EOS R1

Ever since announcing the EOS R in 2018, Canon’s full transition to the RF mount is not complete without the flagship EOS R1. While we did get an EOS R3 that looked like an EOS 1D series camera, it’s still far from the true flagship full-frame mirrorless camera that professional photographers are expecting from Canon. After years of being in the rumor mill, Canon finally confirmed in a press release that they are indeed working on the EOS R1.

Just like how it announced the development of the EOS R3 and EOS R5, Canon’s press release for the EOS R1 is pretty vague, revealing little details about their true flagship camera. While we know that it has roughly the same body as the EOS R3 (including the same LP-E19 battery), Canon said that the DIGIC X will be accompanied by a new DIGIC Accelerator processor that’s said to enable a large volume of data “to be processed at high speeds and delivers never-before-seen advancements in Auto Focus (AF) and other functions.” There’s also a mention of a new CMOS sensor–but again Canon did not divulge any details.

Canon also mentioned an updated AF “Action Priority” function that recognizes subject movement by rapidly analyzing the subject’s status–which makes shooting fast moving subjects like sports a breeze–and an in-camera image noise reduction function.

Aside from those details, Canon said that they expect to launch the EOS R1 this year–most likely in time for the upcoming 2024 Olympics in Paris.

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