OPPO Debuts their Own Smart Eyewear with the Air Glass

OPPO Debuts their Own Smart Eyewear with the Air Glass

Aside from TCL and Xiaomi, OPPO is joining the smart eyewear segment with their own offering called the Air Glass. Unlike TCL and Xiaomi’s designs, the Air Glass is a two-piece design that consists of a monocle with all the tech smarts and a traditional eyewear frame. The eyewear frame is available in either half-frame or full-frame, with the latter being ideal for people that need prescription glasses.

Aside from the different form factor, the Air Glass promotes OPPO’s “Assisted Reality” concept to distinguish itself from the AR glasses the brand announced back in 2019. Assisted Reality is different from Augmented Reality as it projects 2D information in your field of view instead of overlaying 3D objects in the real world.

Applications built inside the Air Glass include Weather, Calendar, Health, Navigation, Live translation, and a Teleprompter mode.

Key to the Air Glass’ assisted reality approach is a coffee bean-sized Spark Micro Projector that employs  MicroLED with 4um pixels. OPPO claims that this tech employs up to 3 million nits, beaming all relevant info—readouts of your day, turn-by-turn navigation, health data, weather conditions, and more—into two layers of sapphire crystal that is embedded into the Air Glass. The catch, however, is that the display is a monochrome variety that employs either 16 or 256 levels of grayscale depending on the mode.

Controlling the Air Glass is done using head gestures, touch commands (via its frame), or voice commands.

Powering the Air Glass is a Snapdragon Wear 4100, which is currently the most advanced chipset for smart devices that is available to date. OPPO claims that you can use the Air Glass for up to three hours with the display turned on, and up to 20 hours in standby mode.

To further emphasize its smarts, the Air Glass has a companion control hub app for Android devices, where it includes the ability to control it using  the OPPO Watch. OPPO is also planning an open SDK for developers to make the most out of its unique form factor.

The OPPO Air Glass will be available in limited quantities in China by Q1 2022. There’s no word yet on pricing and global availability.

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