Razer Launches Anzu Smart Glasses

Razer Launches Anzu Smart Glasses

Razer is no stranger in conceptualizing unusual tech concepts. If you find their Project Hazel facemask too high tech, then you might want to check out the Anzu smart glasses–a tech product that is more practical, not to mention it can be purchased already.

Similar in principle with smart glasses from Bose and Huawei (with Gentle Monster), the Anzu has an open-ear speaker design that project sound to your ears from the temple area. Like Bose and Huawei’s offerings, you can use the Anzu to listen to music or even take calls on the go. As a pair of smart glasses, you get IPx4 water resistance, 5 hours continuous battery life (with charging done via POGO pins), support for various voice assistants, and up to 60ms audio latency with Game Mode on–in case you want to use them while playing your favorite games.

For controlling playback and managing calls, you have touch controls on both sides of the temple. They can be mapped according to your dominant hand. As a fashionable pair of glasses, you can choose between rectangle and round shapes, and can opt of small or large frames to suit your face better.

As for the lenses, you get a pre-installed one that blocks 35% of blue light. The extra set that comes along with it are polarized lenses that can block 99% of UV rays. There’s also an option for prescription lenses, as Razer collaborated with Lensabl to have prescription lenses installed on the Anzu.

Razer Anzu Philippines Price

If you are interested on this fancy pair of tech, you can buy the Anzu at Razer’s online store for $200(~Php 9.7k). There’s no word yet if Razer will make them available in the Philippines, so buying them abroad is your best bet right now if you really, really want a pair of high-tech specs.

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