This Is Cherry Mobile’s Upcoming Flare S6 Plus With 4 Cameras

by John Nieves  October 3, 2017

Four cameras, 18:9 display

Earlier last week Cherry Mobile’s Product Development Engineer Vince Vicente let slip that the company’s Flare S6 and Flare S6 Plus would have skinny bezels and 18:9 TrueView screens. Today, we managed to grab a hold of a render showing the Flare S6 Plus, which not only showed off the 18:9 display but also the quad-camera setup on the body. Yes, two cameras on the front and rear, much like Huawei’s upcoming Nova 2i. 

We still don’t have a solid grasp on what the Flare S6 Plus will have internally, but we’re assuming it’ll be something along the lines of 32GB/3GB of storage plus a price range that’s not too far from the Flare S5 Plus.

We’ll know soon enough what both phones pack, as Cherry Mobile is launching both on Oct. 12.

Check out other 18:9 smartphones below:

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    personally, I don’t believe renders, most of them shows skinny or no bezel at all (Doogee Mix), when in fact, the bezel are substantial… but if their engineer says so, maybe ther’s some truth this time around…

    Flop nnman ito for sure. like its older siblings! no updates for bug fix. no OS update, bloatware everywhere, laggy performance and mediocre camera for the price of PhpXX,XXX.xx, What? sa specs na yan? wahaha.. (other option for the price range are Xiaomi A1, Vivo v7+, samsung j7+&pro etc. with good after sales service and take note branded and well known phone internationally) wahaha

    Well not all of em, flare S3 sold like hotcakes and the flare S series were cheap and will only cost you under 9K, i don’t know about this one though…. but anyway as what you said these phones have so many flaws but actually not all em since ive tried using the Flare S4 and its a decent phone for only 5K.. nice design and specs and i did not encounter any problems with it for 1 year of use 😀