Xiaomi Reveals Breakthrough in Solid-State Battery Tech

Xiaomi Reveals Breakthrough in Solid-State Battery Tech

Despite brands pushing for higher charging speeds in phones, there are those that are exploring increasing overall battery density. HONOR has its silicon-carbon battery, and Xiaomi actually had one with its solid-state battery tech.

With its solid-state battery, Xiaomi claims that it managed to increase energy density to 1000  Wh/L (watt-hours/liter). Currently, EVs have batteries that have a density of 450 Wh/L.

With this new tech, Xiaomi also promises that its solid-state battery will perform better in low temperatures–the tech giant claims that it was able to attain around 20% better energy efficiency at temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius. Being solid state in nature, these batteries do not have liquid electrolytes inside, making them safe from exploding in case a puncture occurs. The batteries’ positive electrode is coated with solid electrolyte ceramics for better durability–which should also translate to improved longevity.

While Xiaomi’s solid-state battery was developed primarily for its EV cars, it has also plans of making it available to phones. In fact, Xiaomi demonstrated its solid-state battery with a modified Xiaomi 13, where it managed to cram as much as a 6000mAh capacity inside–for reference, the Xiaomi 13 only has a 4500mAh cell, making Xiaomi’s tech better than what HONOR has demonstrated at MWC as far as battery density is concerned.

As much as the tech is promising, the challenge that Xiaomi faces with this is how to mass produce them in an economically viable way. Nonetheless, this is still an exciting development with batteries, and we hope to see it arrive in consumer devices in the coming years.


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