Honor Has a New Battery Tech that People Will Love

Honor Has a New Battery Tech that People Will Love

For the past how many years, brands have been pushing for faster charging times while practically not finding ways to increase battery capacity. We have reached a point where 120w charging on a smartphone is becoming a mainstream feature–and we even have a phone that can push charging speeds to an insane 240w. One of the caveats of pushing charging speeds to the limit is that brands have to make the battery smaller to accommodate the additional electronics. HONOR, on the other hand, has defied this trend, and actually introduced a new tech that focuses MORE on increasing battery capacity with their Silicon-Carbon battery.

Revealed during their global unveiling of the Magic5 series and MagicVs, HONOR explained that their silicon-carbon battery is better than graphite batteries in two aspects: in offering better overall density and in offering higher low-voltage capacity. For the former, the HONOR claims that the structure of its silicon-carbon battery offers up to 12.8% better energy density than graphite batteries, while also offering around 240% higher low-voltage capacity when the battery is at 3.5v.

While those numbers may be a bit too technical, the main highlight is when they stated that their silicon-carbon battery can pack a capacity of  5450mAh on a prototype Magic5 Pro. That’s 350mAh more than the already-large 5100mAh battery the official Magic5 Pro already has.

Having a higher battery capacity means that you can use the Magic5 Pro longer before you need to rush to the nearest outlet to top it up. While we don’t expect it to charge insanely fast (we speculate that it will use the same 66w wired charging solution), we think that HONOR’s new innovation is something consumers will care more over ridiculously fast charging speeds.

HONOR said that its silicon-carbon battery is “coming soon”, and there are reports that the China version of the Magic5 Pro allegedly has a 5450mAh battery–which might mean that HONOR’s groundbreaking battery tech might be exclusive to China initially.

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