Here’s Another Good Reason to Get a Galaxy S23

Here’s Another Good Reason to Get a Galaxy S23

While the Galaxy S24 series is the latest model from Samsung’s premium flagship line, last year’s Galaxy S23 series is still worth getting. Aside from being a line exclusively using Snapdragon processors, they also get all of the Galaxy AI features available on the Galaxy S24 series. If you’re still not convinced, Blackmagic gave another good reason to buy a Galaxy S23 with its Blackmagic Camera app.


Available free of charge, the Blackmagic Camera for Android transforms your Galaxy and Pixel phones into a full-fledged digital filmmaking tool with professional features and controls so that you can get roughly the same results for shots used for television and film production.

The app’s user interface is similar to Blackmagic’s cameras, where you can control various settings like frame rate, shutter angle, white balance, ISO, and more. Other added perks of the app are that you can record footage via Blackmagic Cloud and collaborate on DaVinci Resolve projects with your team, streamlining editing workflows further.

Before you get too excited about the Blackmagic Camera app, do note that you need at least a Galaxy S23 (or newer) or a Pixel 7 (or newer) device to install the app. Blackmagic is making the app exclusive to Galaxy and Pixel users for now, so you might need to wait a little longer before they add support to your flagship Android device.

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