5 Killer Galaxy AI Features You’ll Love

5 Killer Galaxy AI Features You’ll Love

Samsung is going for a different approach with the launch of the Galaxy S24 series: beyond the hardware upgrades, the Korean tech giant gave a big emphasis on the user experience, specifically with their own brand of AI.


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Samsung understands that AI is going to be the feature, and highlighting Galaxy AI is a smart move with all of these features built into their Galaxy S24 series phones that helps users make their lives much easier. The great part of Galaxy AI? Samsung will be porting it to other Galaxy phones, making the whole feature something to be really excited for even if you don’t have plans of upgrading to the Galaxy S24 series.

Whether you are going to buy any of the Galaxy S24 phones or wait for Samsung to port these features to older Galaxy devices, here are the top Galaxy AI features that we enjoyed and we think is very helpful for the casual user:

Top 5 Galaxy AI Features

  • In Call Translation
  • Interpreter
  • Transcript Assist
  • Generative Edit
  • Instant Slow Mo


In-Call Translation

One of the main features we tried with the Galaxy S24 seriesis the live translation feature for calls. While you will need an internet connection, live translation can translate your conversations on the fly, allowing you to communicate with the other party  even if you don’t understand the same language.

We tried Live Translation with Korean to English, and we’re very impressed with the results. Samsung also gives you the option to hear either the original voice or the translator’s voice–and you can do all of this on the fly as well.



While similar to live translation, the nice thing about Interpreter is that you can use it without mobile data since it makes use of language packs that contain a database of commonly-used words and phrases. So even if you are conserving data while traveling, the Galaxy S24 series can help you out understand some phrases that locals would usually say.

While this is a great feature to have while traveling to other countries, you can use Interpreter as a tool for learning a new language. Having something like this built-in -on the Galaxy S24 series (and other supported Galaxy phones) can give language learning apps like Duolingo a run for their money.


Transcript Assist

Those who do a lot of interviews will love this feature, as transcript assist basically makes the Galaxy S24 your personal transcriber, allowing you not just transcribe recorded interviews but can even give you a summary and highlight key points that are deemed important for you.

What makes Transcript Assist powerful is that it can recognize multiple speakers and different languages, which will definitely make your life easier especially in transcribing hour-long meetings that has multiple speakers talking at the same time.


Generative Edit

Taking a page from Google’s magical imaging editing tricks, Samsung’s generative edit allows you to further polish your images to make them perfect on your social media feed. The editing tools are so powerful that you can easily remove unwanted objects like your ex out of the picture to give you that perfect image to add to your aesthetic feed. 

Aside from removing unwanted objects, Generative Edit can even fix your placement on the photo, saving you time from needing to retake the shot over and over again. Generative Edit is a dream feature for casual and serious content creators, and we expect a lot of users will enjoy using it for their day-to-day snapshots.


Instant Slo-Mo

Should you want part of the footage to be converted into slo-mo video, the Galaxy S24 series can easily create slo-mo clips from videos you recorded at regular speed. By utilizing generative AI, Instant Slo-mo artificially inserts frames to give you that slo-mo footage that you want. 

What makes this tool great aside from being able to utilize it on 4K videos is that Instant Slo-Mo can also be used on videos that are not shot by the Galaxy S24 itself, making Samsung’s new flagship devices a powerful video editing tool.


Those are our top Galaxy AI features we loved on the Galaxy S24 series. Which of these AI-powered features caught your attention the most?

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