Globe Urges Subscribers to Register their SIM Before April 26

Globe Urges Subscribers to Register their SIM Before April 26

With just a few days before April 26, Globe urges all of its subscribers to register their SIM before the DICT-mandated deadline for SIM registration. As of April 20, 33.067 million of its subscribers have registered out of its 86.5 million customer base, which translates to around 38.2% of its subscribers complying with the SIM Registration Law.

“We encourage all our subscribers to register their SIMs as soon as possible to maintain uninterrupted access to mobile and broadband services. Pending response to our appeal for the government to extend the deadline, we call on all Globe SIM users to comply with the law,” Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu said.

Just like Smart, Globe also reiterates its call for the DICT to extend the deadline so that its subscribers can get the needed valid IDs to register their SIM. In addition to that, Globe is proposing alternative forms of identification for SIM registration for users who can’t provide valid IDs to complete their registration.

While the DICT insists that there’s no need for an extension for SIM registration beyond April 26, there are users that face issues with registering their SIM cards. Among them are GOMO users, who report encountering errors in registering their SIM cards through GOMO’s new app.

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