Viral Fridays: Say Hello to the Smart Salt Shaker, the SMALT

Viral Fridays: Say Hello to the Smart Salt Shaker, the SMALT

What an age we live in! “Enhanced dining technology!”

Primed to surprise and delight your guests, SMALT is more than just a centerpiece – it’s an interactive conversation piece! Play your favorite music through the Bluetooth speaker, set the mood with multicolored lighting, and dispense salt in any amount you please. Our app lets you simply shake, pinch, or choose the measurement of salt you desire right from your phone, via Alexa or the device itself. Dance to the beat and shake your salt out to amuse your guests or rock out on your own.

LCD display panel? Check.
Bluetooth, Amazon Echo, and smartphone pairing? Check.
Music jukebox feature? Check.
Multicolored mood lighting? Check.
Shake, pinch, pour salt? Check.
Actually useful in day-to-day life? Uh…

The future is filled with smart salt shakers of different shapes and sizes.

In the realm of crowd-funded “smart devices”, with oddities such as the “Selfie Feet”, which helps users take selfies with their feet, and of course, the “LuDela Smart Candle”, the smartest candle ever, the SMALT salt shaker joins the ever-burgeoning variety of “somewhat useless, but still fun to have” smart gadgets.

Oooh La La! Set the mood with a romantic candl… salt shaker.

According to its Indiegogo page, the SMALT operates on rechargeable batteries with a 4-hour operating time. You can use the SMALT shaker with or without a smartphone, but its advanced features can only be tinkered with via the app. There’s even an LCD display on the top of the shaker which salt connoisseurs can turn to access features. And before you ask, no, you can’t put pepper or other spices inside, because they said so!

Thanks to the SMALT, lunch dates will always be rip-roaring affairs. Joy!

The SMALT currently costs $99 ~(Php 5K) for early-bird salt aficionado backers, but will eventually roll out in 2018 (maybe, or maybe not, depending if it reaches its minimum backing goals) with a $199 (~Php 10K) price tag.

At the steep suggested retail price of $199, you’re probably better off buying an Amazon Echo and get more bang for your buck. However, the Amazon Echo doesn’t dispense salt with fancy music, light effects, and great justice. So, priorities, people!

Source: The Verge

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