Viral Fridays: The LuDela “Smart Candle”, the Smartest Candle Yet?

Viral Fridays: The LuDela “Smart Candle”, the Smartest Candle Yet?

Welcome to Unbox’s “Viral Fridays” where we feature weirder than usual tech and geek related news to cap out the week.

Of all the “smart” things to create, these guys made a “smart candle”. What exactly is a smart candle? Well, check out this promotional video and decide for yourself.

Okay, so LuDela, “the world’s first real-flame smart candle”, is basically an automated candle “system”. It features real, adjustable flames, changeable scents, auto-extinguish, temperature and proximity sensors, Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone app controls and other related stuff. Wow.

The whole shebang will set you back $149 (~Php 7.2K) if you’re not going to avail of its special pre-order offer right now at $99 (~Php 4.8K). The candle’s refill cartridge will cost you $7.99 (~Php 400) a pop and is good for 30-hours of continued use. Ouchies at those price points.

According to LuDela, “candle light is scientifically proven to be better for you than artificial light”, so if you’re interested in the benefits of “modern candle light technology”, then head over to their website.

As for us at Unbox? We’re fine with a couple of Php 200+ LED bulbs for “ambiance” at the office.

Source: Android Authority

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