Quiver Time Bolt Review – The Most Stylish Card Case!

Quiver Time Bolt Review – The Most Stylish Card Case!

The Quiver Time Bolt Card Case sits in a fascinating spot in the market, and in this review, we’ll take a look at why it stands out. On the one hand, there isn’t a need for one – particularly for those of us who lean on the practical side of spending for our hobbies. Any trusty backpack can carry our deckboxes and other accessories, and there are better, cheaper ways to store our card collection. On the other hand, it’s not too expensive to be impractical – at $55 (around Php 3,000) it provides quality and aesthetics that are far beyond what your average TCG accessory brand offers. It’s unique and eye-catching, and will occasionally be a topic of conversation whenever you are in tournaments. There is an allure to the product similar to something from a luxury brand, and we’ll discuss those along the way as we go through its features.

Quiver Time Bolt Review – Contents

The package contains 2 corner pads, 3 Velcro dividers, a hand strap, an adjustable shoulder strap, 2 acrylic dividers, a pack of sleeves, a 3-year warranty, and a thank you note. All of these are packaged neatly inside the Bolt itself. The box that it came in (not shown here) however, is as basic as they come, with just enough plastic windows to show the Bolt’s metal logo and color.

Quiver Time Bolt Review – Materials Used and Capacity

This metal logo distinguishes the Bolt from its competitors.

The Quiver Time Bolt’s hard exterior is wrapped in water-resistant PU leather, which greatly contributes to its premium look.

The double zipper seals the case shut.

One of the main factors contributing to its high-quality exterior is the double zippers that are also water-resistant. When zipped tightly, I can’t imagine any water splashes making their way through.

Quiver Time Bolt Review
You can even put TSA locks on it.
Quiver Time Bolt Review
Zipper covers help prevent scratches to the zinc alloy zippers.

All the metal parts of this item are made of zinc alloy, which means they won’t rust. The zipper cover is a nice added feature. Another interesting thing about the zippers is that you can lock them just like you would with luggage.

Quiver Time Bolt Review
Velcro dividers attach easily to the fabric lining.

Its interior is lined up with soft fabric that wouldn’t damage the card sleeves, and where the velcro dividers can be attached firmly. The Bolt can hold up to 800 unsleeved cards. Despite this, I still wouldn’t recommend putting unprotected cards inside for safety. Rather, I’d recommend putting cards in deckboxes that can fit inside the Bolt instead. Quiver Time has their own 80+ and 100+ card capacity boxes which they call Deck Blocks, and you can fit 4 and 3 of those respective sizes inside the Bolt.

Quiver Time Bolt Review
There’s some space for tokens or a dice pouch (or just put in the corner pads for an exact fit).

I was able to fit 2 100+ card Sidewinder-style deck boxes inside as well (though only in the above orientation), with some space left for a box of dice. I wish it would have been a little longer in order to accommodate one more box. This seems to be its size limit though as unfortunately, 133+ card deck box sizes can’t fit inside.

Quiver Time Bolt Review
Accessory compartments are always welcome.

The Quiver Bolt also has a mesh compartment that runs the length of the case for your other accessories like extra card sleeves, dice, or paper. There’s not much to say about it other than the zipper feels solid and the quality of the material is tough.

Quiver Time Bolt Review – Accessories

Quiver Time Bolt Review
I never really used these, but it’s good to just keep them in the box just in case.

The branded acrylic dividers that come in the package may seem like a step up in quality at first, but I later realized that they attract dirt more, and can easily get scratched. Would have preferred for Quiver Time to just use a thicker plastic divider instead. As a general rule, use these when dividing the cards inside since their flat, smooth surfaces lessen the chances of causing card damage, but use the Velcro ones instead when dividing to accommodate accessories like deck boxes.

Quiver Time Bolt Review
The shoulder strap feels wide and solid.

The adjustable strap is good, sturdy, and extends to an ample length.

Quiver Time Bolt Review
Adding the hand strap makes it look like a fashion accessory.

Personally, I prefer using the hand strap instead, as I’ll usually be putting my bolt inside my backpack, acting as a separate container that holds my deck boxes and cards.

Quiver Time Bolt Review
Easily fits in most backpacks.

There are a lot of great things going on for the Quiver Time Bolt. For one, it looks luxurious – usually enough to elicit a compliment or curiosity from fellow gamers. It goes above and beyond other card cases when it comes to aesthetics, both in and out, and the quality of the materials used is easily perceptible. The accessories and extra stuff are a nice touch and show that the company knows about and cares for its demographic.

Overall I think the question becomes more of if you need one rather than if it’s any good – because it honestly is. For just around Php 3,000 you can carry your decks separately, securely, and most importantly – in style. My recommendation is to simply get one for yourself. At the moment there are very few local stores carrying this, which adds to a sense of exclusivity and uniqueness for those that have one, but if you are interested, I got mine from the Tambuyan Gaming Hub in Unbox Greenhills.

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