The Five New Trading Card Games You Should Play This Year

The Five New Trading Card Games You Should Play This Year

Trading Card Games (or TCGs) have been on a steady rise recently, and with new and interesting titles that come out, there’s no better time than now to jump into the hobby. Whether you are just looking for something interesting to pass the time, searching for your next competitive outlet, or simply curious, here are our picks for the five new Trading Card Games that you should play this year. We’ve also linked videos on how to get started with each one in case you want to jump straight right in!

5. Sorcery: Contested Realm

Sorcery: Contested Realm

Fresh from a very successful Kickstarter campaign last year, Sorcery: Contested Realm, has finally made its way to Philippine shores and is slowly cementing itself as one of the new Trading Card Games that you should play right now.

In Sorcery, players take the role of Avatars as they try to triumph over one another using the classic fantasy mix of summoning minions and slinging spells.

Erik Olofsson and Nickolas Reynolds have made a truly unique game that features beautiful hand-painted art from both prominent and upcoming artists that hammers the retro-fantasy feel home, and a one-of-a-kind gameplay that revolves around a 5×4 playing field. This adds another level of depth to the game as not only do players have to take into account card abilities and resources, but their positions on the field as well.

At the moment, Sorcery hasn’t launched its Organized Play yet but play sessions and weekly tournaments have started being held around Manila since late last year.

4. Grand Archive

Grand Archive Trading Card Game

Grand Archive is one of the latest anime-style TCG to come out in 2023. It aims to set itself apart from its competitors with a more “Western” game design that “emphasizes card clarity, low numbers, and precise rules text”, and of course its gorgeous Japanese-style art.

In Grand Archive, players create decks that are centered around a Champion and their respective Element. To win a match, they need to defeat their opponent’s champion. What makes Champions unique is that they level up throughout the match, and have access to their own unique set of skills and equipment that determine their playstyle. In addition to these, players can also call upon allies to help them achieve victory.

Currently, Manila has a small but steadily growing community of dedicated players. Local Hobby Stores supporting the game have started setting up their weekly tournaments, though as of this writing the launch of an official Organized Play program is still in the works.

3. Alpha Clash

Alpha Clash Trading Card Game

Easily identified by its distinctive comic book-style artwork, Alpha Clash promises a “Lore-driven, Fast-paced, Superpowered Brawl”. AC is a TCG based on a novel and comic with superhero themes. It introduces players to a world of superpowered beings called Alphas who have an uncontrollable urge to find and fight other Alphas, leading to destructive clashes.

Each player takes control of a superpowered contender to represent them in battle. They can use Clash cards to attack or defend against their opponent, set traps, equip weapons, take the fight to more advantageous Clashgrounds, or even use heroic actions to turn the tide of battle.

Alpha Clash has been rapidly growing in popularity within the local TCG space thanks to the active efforts of some Local Hobby Stores to promote the game, having an officially established Organized Play program, and containing a mix of familiar mechanics that TCG veterans from other games can easily jump into.

2. One Piece TCG

One Piece Trading Card Game

The One Piece TCG is a trading card game that features all the memorable characters, events, and locations from arguably the most popular anime series in the world! Fans of both the Manga and Anime will surely recognize Luffy, the Strawhat crew, and the friends and enemies they met throughout their journey across the Grand Line!

In One Piece TCG, players need to select a Leader who will be the centerpiece of their deck. They can also add other Characters to their deck to support their Leader and help fight against the opponent. Furthermore, they can include Events that can change the course of the game in their favor, and use Stages to give them an advantageous edge over their foes.

OP TCG has gained the most popularity among the new card games that launched last year in the local market. This is due to a great balance between having a popular series to be based on, an active Organized Play system, attractive prizes, and simply being a fun game that’s easy to get into.

1. Flesh and Blood TCG

Flesh and Blood Trading Card Game

In the Flesh and Blood Trading Card Game, players take on the role of one of the Heroes in the world of Rathe. They engage in epic battles with the other Heroes of the realm – starting at their strongest with weapons in hand, full armor, and a deck filled with their powerful abilities and skills.

A unique feature of FaB is that no card is ever useless as each one can be utilized for attacking, defending, or as a resource to pay for your other cards. Games of FaB often come down to the wire, with both players utilizing every last bit of advantage to try to win as their armors break, their decks dwindle, and their options run out.

FaB has proven itself to be one of the best new trading card games to play this year. The game experienced a phenomenal year of growth in 2023 – its second year in the Philippines, where it went from being a niche TCG that’s played in a couple of stores in Manila to seeing an explosion of player growth and store presence even in other regions. A Filipino player, Justin Cu, even won a major international tournament last September despite only starting in April that year! Meanwhile, local tournament attendance just kept reaching record numbers. All of these events led Legend Story Studios to finally grant the Phillippines its first-ever International Tournament: Battle-Hardened: Manila, which will be held in early February this year.

So if you’re ever curious about getting into Trading Card Games, then any of these five games is an absolute must-try! Each of them boasts captivating gameplay, unique art, and a welcoming local community.

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