LTFRB Shuts Down Angkas Due to Lack of Permits

by Duey Guison  November 9, 2017

Commuters lose another transportation option

A few months ago, Angkas was launched as a public transport alternative. Instead of using cars, the ride-hailing app made use of motorcycles to ferry people from one point to another, saving commuters time from Metro Manila’s horrendous traffic.

Unfortunately, they earned the ire of the LTFRB, which lead to Angkas being shut down after 19 Angkas motorbikers were apprehended earlier during the agency’s anti-colorum ops. Aside from not having the proper permits, LTFRB board member Aileen Lizada explained that Angkas is not considered a transport provider since it uses motorcycles instead of cars.

Prior to this, LTFRB suspended Uber for two weeks for defying its accreditation rules.

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    It’s more likely about payments. Once they pay whatever fine they’ll allow it again. If it was about permits and passenger safety how many jeepneys, taxis and motorbikes would have to be banned from the roads.

    What else is new? kung pwede rin nilang isuspende ang MRT (Mayat-maya Railways Tirik) dahil laging tumitirik, matagal na nilang ginawa. lahat ata gusto nila alisin at taxi lang maiwan sa kalsada. kaya yung 3 stoogees ng LTFRB, mukha ng taxi. hehehe…