Qualcomm Reportedly gets License to Supply Chips to Huawei

by Duey Guison  November 13, 2020

It seems that Huawei is getting a number of good news lately: after MediaTek, Intel, AMD, and Samsung Display were given licenses to supply parts to Huawei, a new report says that Qualcomm was also given the green light as well.

According to the report, Qualcomm is given the green light, provided that Huawei lets go of HONOR—such condition was made so that Qualcomm can match Huawei’s demand for processors. The condition is said to be made, as recent reports said that Huawei will sell HONOR to the Shenzhen Government and Digital China for $15 Billion. However, Qualcomm has to face other hurdles being an American company, as it will need a special license in order to work with Huawei due to the US Trade Ban.

As of this writing, there’s no official confirmation yet from both parties so it is best to wait for their official statement.


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