Pocophone is Coming Back with a New Phone

Rejoice, Pocophone fans

After Xiaomi Philippines has announced that it will no longer sell Pocophone F1s, followed by Pocophone lead Jai Mani stepping down, things have been uncertain about the Pocophone brand.

However, the Pocophone MIGHT be coming back this year, as Xiaomi recently filed a trademark for POCO F2.

To recap, Indian units are known as POCO, while global units are known as Pocophone. There are no details yet as for its rumored specs, but we expect the Poco F2 to be official by July of this year—back in 2018, the POCO F1 was unveiled in India on July 25.

The Pocophone F1 Perfomed Well in DxOMark’s Tests

Pocophone F1 to Receive both Android Pie and Android Q

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