5 Reasons To Buy Samsung’s TU8000 Crystal UHD TV

5 Reasons To Buy Samsung’s TU8000 Crystal UHD TV

If there’s one thing that helps keep quarantine blues away, it’s watching movies and videos on a big TV. But buying a big TV usually means dropping a lot of cash, but that’s not the case with Samsung’s new TU8000 Crystal UHD TVs. This new line of TVs from the Korean giant has big features, big screens, and more importantly, friendly price tags. Here are 5 reasons why this should be your next TV:

Elegant, premium design

Samsung’s been making big-screen TVs ever since the category started, and it shows in the design of their products. The TU8000 Crystal UHD TV is no exception.

The 82-inch model that was lent to me was only 6cm thick and has incredibly thin bezels for its size. This same design language is present in the entire range, so you don’t have to spend thousands of pesos to get a good-looking TV.

Superior 4K images for crystal-clear viewing

Samsung’s new TU8000 series of TVs use the company’s Crystal Processor 4K to process images coming from different sources and project it onto the display. Watching native 4K movies on the TV like Avengers: End Game is sheer joy, as you can see clear details in the climax of the movie, especially when Captain America starts to beat the snot out of Thanos.

Transforms into a work of art when you’re not watching

One feature that I really like with the TU8000 is that it doesn’t look like a boring black rectangle when I’m not watching. The new line gets the same Ambient Mode feature that’s on Samsung’s more expensive QLED TVs. You can display built-in works of art or even camouflage your TV to your wall to make it blend with the surroundings when the TV isn’t in use.

It’s a Smart TV with even smarter sharing features

The TV uses Samsung’s Tizen’s operating system, which allows you to instantly connect and set it up using your mobile phone – no more fumbling with the remote to put in complicated home network passwords. Tizen is incredibly powerful and offers a whole range of apps aside from NetFlix and YouTube that your family can use during these trying times.

Speaking of Netflix and YouTube, if you’re watching something on your phone and decide instead to watch it on the big screen, you can easily do that by simply tapping your Samsung Galaxy smartphone on the frame of the TV.

Really great price for what you’re getting

Samsung’s 4K TV’s aren’t what you’d call affordable, but their new TU8000 series are easily one of the best TVs you can get for the price. While the 82-inch TU8000 model that was lent to me cost Php 139,999 when bought with cash, the smaller TVs that most families will realistically buy are very affordable. The 50-inch model, for example, costs only Php 25,999 when bought with cash, while the 43-inch model is even cheaper, at Php 20,999. Here’s the full lineup with prices:

Model no.                     SRP            Cash price

UA82TU8000GXXP     169,999      139,999
UA75TU8000GXXP     119,999      94,999
UA65TU8000GXXP     63,999        49,999
UA55TU8000GXXP     39,999        29,999
UA50TU8000GXXP     33,999        25,999
UA43TU8000GXXP     25,499        20,999

So if you’re looking to upgrade your TV, it really makes sense to buy a new TU8000 series from Samsung. You’re getting a lot with your money, and since it’s made by Samsung, you know it’s going to last you and your family for quite a long time.

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