Facebook Glitch Adds New Friends Without Users’ Permission

Facebook Glitch Adds New Friends Without Users’ Permission

Late last week, I was simply browsing my Facebook feed as usual when a notification buzzed in. Someone had accepted my friend request. While this could be deemed an everyday occurrence, the strange part is that I had never sent that person a request. Thankfully, I can now dismiss all notions of supernatural intervention as Facebook has addressed the friends glitch that has plagued its platform.

So how did this glitch operate? Well, you’re not going to like this. It may be difficult to explain to the people you’ve added courtesy of this Facebook Friends glitch about your situation. That’s because the bug would automatically add people once you’ve visited their Facebook profiles. Yes, snooping around on a stranger’s profile immediately sent out a friend request without your permission.

That might be enough to put you on stalker alert – but let’s face it, everyone has stalked one or two people on the social media application before. It was just good fun because the person on the other end wasn’t informed of it in any way. But this time around, it’s left a “LinkedIn” style effect and alarmed people that you’ve viewed their profile.

Thankfully, Meta recognized its Friends glitch on Facebook and fixed it immediately. It also came with an apology for the inconveniences and awkward social situations caused by this issue.

So, what do you think? Let us know of any funny stories that this glitch has caused in the comments!


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