Smartphones with the Biggest Battery in the Philippines (2024)

Smartphones with the Biggest Battery in the Philippines (2024)

Everyone wants a smartphone with big battery capacities so they can use their devices longer, lasting up to a day now. As brands release more phones, we’re starting to notice a rising trend in devices that offer more than the usual 5000mAh capacity that’s been the average for devices of all sizes and prices. Without further ado, here are the phones you can get in stores with the biggest battery capacities, larger than the usual 5000mAh battery.

More brands are now entertaining the idea of equipping their phones with bigger batteries to make it last longer in-between charges, reducing the need for you to stay beside a wall plug every day. Here are some of the smartphones with the biggest battery that we saw officially released in the Philippines for the past year.


6000mAh battery

There are only four phones officially released in the Philippines with 6000mAh batteries as of this writing. That includes the recently-released Huawei nova Y72 and the HONOR X7b, as well as the ASUS ROG Phone 7, and TECNO Pova 5 and 6 Pro. Not only do these phones have big battery capacities, but also have good charging speeds that will surely fill up your phone’s battery in no time.

6500mAh battery

As of this writing, there is only one phone that fits the criteria, and that’s the nubia REDMAGIC 9 Pro. Its flagship hardware can meet some power demands if you play AAA titles on your phone a lot, and the 6500mAh battery proves to be a great selling point with surely more than a day’s worth of battery life on normal usage.


7000mAh battery

As of this writing, there are only two phones that have been released locally with a 7000mAh battery capacity. The Huawei nova Y91 is already obsolete with presumably an upcoming successor in the works. The device was released in the middle of 2023, which could explain why it is now harder to find in local markets.


While the list for smartphones with the biggest battery in the Philippines is relatively small, here’s how you can also take care of your battery and make it last longer:

  • Use your phone’s Smart Charge feature, if available. This makes your phone last a bit shorter, but in turn, increases your battery’s lifespan.
  • As much as possible, charge on Airplane mode or when the phone is turned off. The idea for this is for the battery to remain unused while being charged. Excessive usage (gaming, mobile data) while charging may cause the phone to heat up and damage your battery in the long run.
  • Make it a habit to remove the apps you don’t use. Some of these apps try to operate in the background (I’ve even seen some access my mobile data even if it is turned off) so it’s best to keep only those you use.
  • Tinker with your phone’s settings. Some phones offer RAM management and freeze the apps in the background to avoid excessive battery use, while some offer nice power-saving modes and provide you with the most essential apps to keep
  • A pro tip: If available, set an off/on schedule for your device based on your lifestyle. If you are sleeping and you don’t need it, you can schedule to turn off your phone during your sleeping time and subsequently turn it on with your alarm or a scheduled time.


We hope this helped you find your next battery monster phone, and take care of it too while you use it for your everyday activities. Let us know how you take care of your phone’s battery by chiming in the comments section below.

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