Free Things You Can Get on the Internet in the Philippines

Free Things You Can Get on the Internet in the Philippines

They say the best things in life are free, and so are the things you can get on the Internet beyond social media and video streaming. We’re giving you some of the free things that you may find useful one way or another in this article.

The Internet is such a wide and huge place for you to just be confined on social media alone. We list down some of our top favorite sites where you can do so much more online at no hefty price.


Free Education

Ever had that itch to advance your education or simply learn new things during your free time? Here’s a fact: The Internet gives you that power to learn a new course or two and upskill yourself, right at the comfort of your own home. Learn new skills through short or full courses offered through EdX, Coursera, or Khan Academy. Likewise, you can also learn to code through Code Academy, and even Google (through Grow with Google and Google Garage) has some free online courses for you to learn from. Even TESDA now offers free online courses, too.

Learning a new language is also not as hard as before. I used to purchase and Install Rosetta Stone on my PC just to learn Korean, but you can now do it on your free time with your phone through apps like Duolingo and Memrise


Free Games

Games need not to be expensive! Hundreds of websites offer child-friendly browser games for the simplest of fun. Y8 is still online, Addicting Games has some good browser games, and The Internet Archive offers thousands of MS-DOS games in just a few clicks. There are also weekly freebies from Epic Games and a list of available free games from GOG and Steam.


Free Documentaries and Books

YouTube has been a primary destination for almost everybody when it comes to consuming video content, but there are also other places where you can specifically watch documentaries of things that may pique your fancy. DocumentaryHaven has a collection of documentaries ranging from biographies to art to even space and society.

If you’re one who finds joy in reading through books that give you knowledge, check out Project Gutenberg, which offers over 70,000 eBooks for you to download and enjoy on your device. There are also other sites that offer just as great, such as OpenLibrary for more titles, and LibriVox for audiobooks.


Free Life Services and Charity Donations

You can also get services that are also free on the Internet. If you need someone to talk to, 7cups and HearMe offers dedicated platforms for you to talk to someone regarding your mental health. Be heard 24/7 for free by volunteer workers who will be there to listen to your woes, or join their community to find your emotional support system.

If you feel generous today, find some time to play some games where each correct answer corresponds to a small donation. It all started with Free Rice, but we’ve now got BeansBeansBean as well.


The best things in life are always free, and it’s up to you (and your Internet connection) to take advantage of these offers that are absolutely of no cost to you. My advice: Get off social media for once and explore the vast information and entertainment online, more than the usual sites or apps you usually go to.

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