Charge and Listen to Tunes on the iPhone 7 with this Rockstar from Belkin

Charge and Listen to Tunes on the iPhone 7 with this Rockstar from Belkin

Apple unveiled their newest iPhones a few days ago, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. With the unveiling came confirmation for all the leaks, rumors, and speculation that Apple would indeed be ditching the analog 3.5mm audio jack with each device shipping with Apple Earpods that will connect to your brand new iPhone 7 via its lightning connector or if you’ve invested in you own set of cans — a lightning port to 3.5mm adapter will also come with each purchase. But, what if you need to charge your phone and you still want to listen to tunes — What then? Apple also unveiled a pair of wireless Earpods, sold separately from the iPhone 7, called the Airpods but that will run you an additional $160 or Php 7,588.


Luckily though, iPhone accessory makes have already been hard at work making several audio devices that connect via the lightning port, including this pretty simple solution to the Charge+Play inconvenience from Belkin: The Lightning Audio+Charge Rockstar. The Belkin Lightning Audio+Charge Rockstar is pretty straightforward and is pretty much a splitter for the single Lightning Port on the iPhone 7 allowing you to listen to your tunes and charge the phone while doing so. The Belkin Lightning Audio+Charge Rockstar retails for $39.99 or Php 1,896.

Pretty good, but we’ll still miss the 3.5mm audio jack. #Courage

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