Epson TW6600 Home Projector: Turn Your Living Room into a 3D Home Cinema

Epson TW6600 Home Projector: Turn Your Living Room into a 3D Home Cinema


As far as we can remember, the living room gadget that people around the world have drooled over has always been the giant flat LED TV. Over the years TVs have gotten slimmer, lighter, bigger, and to some extent even “smarter”. One would think the TV would be an irreplaceable gadget at home… ’till today. The Epson TW6600 Home Projector is the only gadget that we’ve seen that makes us want to sell our 55-inch TV at home. It completely redefines the product and really transforms your usual “office projector” into a 3D home cinema device.

The Epson TW6600 delivers 1080P full HD in both 2D and 3D. Images and colors come out crisp and sharp thanks to the 70,000:1 contrast ratio. It can work well despite having a lot of daylight present which is one of the main issues of having projectors as your main entertainment screen at home. Lastly, it comes equipped with wireless HD technology and even built-in 20w speakers. In short, it’s an all-in-one device that would be fantastic for small condos units and big homes alike.

To get a better appreciation for it, check out the official video below.

SRP is Php128,190, roughly the same (or even lower) price of the giant LED Smart TVs being offered by the likes of Samsung. It’s already available in Gadgets In Style, Listening in Style, and Sights & Sounds. We’ve reached out to Epson Philippines so that we can get our hands on one to test so that we can do a full review for you guys here at Unbox. Good news is that they agreed so expect more write-ups about this in the coming weeks ahead!


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