First Recorded Ransomware Found on Mac

First Recorded Ransomware Found on Mac


Even Macs aren’t safe

If you thought using Macs makes you immune from malware and all the nasty things on the internet, sorry to burst your bubble – more and more malware coders are writing code for Macs and iPhones, and today Palo Alto Networks have said that they’ve discovered the first ever known instance of Ransomware in the wild specifically written for OS X.

Ransomware is a particularly nasty strain of malware that literally takes your PC hostage, encrypting files inside your PC until you pay a bounty, usually through bitcoins. The one discovered by Palo Alto Networks is called KeRanger, and was found through an infected BitTorrent client dubbed Transmission. While Transmission has released a new version of its app and Apple has revoked the security certificate that was used by the malicious coders for the hack, Mac users should always keep vigilant whenever they go online as the platform isn’t as invincible as people think it is.


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