First Silent Concert By Sony Is Strangely Beautiful, Completely Awesome

First Silent Concert By Sony Is Strangely Beautiful, Completely Awesome


Bamboo, Ely Buendia rocked the house during the country’s first ever silent concert!

When you go to a rock concert, there are a few constants – awesome, ear splitting sound, great music and a concert hall filled with said music. Sony’s culminating event for the Music Deserves Respect campaign for their MDR line of headphones had two of those three attributes. Consumers who bought Sony MDR headphones and select members of the media got to experience Bamboo and Ely Buendia’s music in a slightly different setting during the first ever silent concert in the Philippines. Both performers and their respective bands were put in a soundproof cage, and the audience only got to hear their musical stylings through Sony’s MDR headphones.


The result is an experience that is a bit surreal, but totally awesome. Since Sony’s top of the line MDR headphones are built to do justice to great music, putting them on and listening to two of the most well known OPM artists in the country was an experience unto itself. Whenever we took of the headphones to take photos of the both Bamboo and Ely, it just felt weird to see them performing on stage and not hearing a thing (well, you do hear the drums and the multitude of people singing along) which only amplified the experience once we put our headphones back on.


As far as the headphones are concerned, they’re pretty much what you’d expect from a hi-end Sony headphone. Our pair was the Sony MDR-1R (the same one used by Ely Buendia on stage) and we can tell you right now, it rocked (both literally and figuratively). It had excellent sound quality, a fantastic sound stage and drivers that has some seriously potent bass.

If you’re interested in Sony’s MDR line of headphones, you can go check them out in Sony’s website. 

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