Google Glass: The One Device We’re Really Drooling For in 2013

Google Glass: The One Device We’re Really Drooling For in 2013

Hmm, doesn't look that bad at all!
Hmm, doesn’t look that bad at all!

Looking Forward to Google Glass

We were doing some late night YouTube hopping watching various international tech shows and we stumbled upon The Verge’s exclusive hands-on with Google Glass. We first heard about Google Glass when it was announced during Google I/O last year but we weren’t really excited about it because it seemed like an “it-will-come-in-the-next-10-years” kind of product. However after watching the complete Verge feature, the people from Google actually said that they want it out as a consumer product (as in you can order it and buy it) by the end of 2013.

Wait… that’s this year! It’s 2013! @_@

So you guys know what Google Glass is all about, watch this official promotional video.

How It Feels through Glass

And here’s the video of The Verge feature where the Google rep says it should be out end of this year.

The Verge Feature on Google Glass

It will definitely be pricey but we’re willing to shell out the dough for it. If there’s one product we want to be early adopters for, it’s definitely Glass. Yeah, the iPhone 5S and iPad Mini 2 sounds cool but this is just on a whole new level of tech and we’re salivating over it.

Oh and to those who say you look too geeky in it, you can actually put dark lenses making it look like sunglasses, hehe. Oh and geeky is the new sexy mind you.

Not bad!
Not bad!

How about you guys? Are you excited for Google Glass?

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