Aftersales Service for the Nintendo Switch Should be Better

Aftersales Service for the Nintendo Switch Should be Better

Despite being 6 years in the market (including revisions like the Switch OLED), Nintendo does not have an official distributor in the Philippines for its handheld console. While you can buy the Switch in stores like Datablitz and Toys ‘R Us, details about aftersales service is not clear. That is set to change, as VSTECS Philippines announced that they are appointed as the official distributor of the Nintendo Switch. 

While we welcome their appointment as the official distributor, the bigger news here is that VSTECS Philippines will also be “designated service center for Nintendo Switch in the Philippines.” This should give Switch owners peace of mind in case their units will need servicing. This is a big deal especially with the Joy-Con drift being one of the more prominent issues of the Switch.

“Our distributor appointment from Nintendo is a significant step towards making Nintendo Switch a household name in the Philippines. Our extensive channel network and market reach amplify our ability to deliver the gaming products to a broader audience”, VSTECS President and CEO Jimmy Go said.

VSTECS has a large retail channel network in the Philippines and is the official distributor for several brands that include ASUS, Acer, Dell, HP, and more. Being seasoned in distribution, we expect getting a Switch in the Philippines should be much easier, and that buyers need not resort to grey-market sellers to get their hands on a unit. Aside from that, having an official distributor locally also means getting an official warranty as well, giving buyers peace of mind should they encounter any problems with their Switch.

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