Otterbox Defender for the Samsung Galaxy Note

Otterbox Defender for the Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note... Otterboxed!

Otterbox Defender Series for the Samsung Galaxy Note

Each time I get a new smartphone I immediately think of getting a case for it. The first brand that always comes to my mind is Otterbox. Sure it may add a little bulk and weight but at least I’m assured that my gadget will always be protected from drops and bumps. I’ve seen too many gadgets broken just because they were naked when the accident happened.

Anyway on to the good news! Otterbox finally came out with the Defender and Commuter Series for my favorite smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note (Click to read our review). I trooped over the new Otterbox kiosk in Vmall (3rd Floor, Greenhills) to check out both cases. I ended up going for the Defender because it looked really kick ass and it was actually easier to take off than the Commuter.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Tank Version

As you’ve seen in the last two photos, the Otterbox Defender for the Galaxy Note follows the design of the previous Defender cases for other phones. It has several layers of protection including a polycarbonate stand which you can also use as a belt clip but I don’t think that would be a good idea given the already big size of the Note.

The actual case itself is divided into two: front and back polycarbonate frame, screen protector installed in the frame, and a silicone skin that you wrap around the frame for maximum protection. Here’s what it looks like when you put it all together.

The audio jack at the top and the charger port at the bottom both have silicone plugs built into the skin. Otterbox also cut out a portion of the back so that you have easy access to the S Pen. You can also still use the volume rocker and the sleep/wake button.

The case comes with some sort of built-in screen protector that’s attached to the polycarbonate frame. This makes your phone “splash resistant”. However I didn’t like the quality of the screen so I just took it out. I’ll just pray that I don’t spill Coke Zero on this phone, hehe.

Pricing and Availability

The Otterbox Defender for the Samsung Galaxy Note retails for Php3,500. The Commuter series sells for Php2,850. I’ve compared both and I would recommend the Defender over the Commuter since the additional bulk isn’t that noticeable (compared to Commuter) and the Defender has more features and comes with an additional kickstand.

Galaxy Note is now officially Otterboxed! Woot!

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