Playstation 5 Digital Edition Unboxing: Leaping onto the Current-Gen

Playstation 5 Digital Edition Unboxing: Leaping onto the Current-Gen

It’s December 11! Happy Playstation 5 Day in the Philippines. After the slight (yes, we are putting it lightly) fiasco with pre-orders, the next-gen or now current-gen console from Sony drops to the select few who managed to have the gods in their favor.  We managed to get one ourselves and, as you can see by the headline, we did opt for the Digital Edition of the PS5 that will set you back by Php 23,990, since we saw the value of digital purchases over the pandemic.

The Playstation 5 Digital Edition comes in a black box as compared to the standard edition’s white, although they are still the same size and it is a humongous box!

Inside you will be greeted by another cardboard box that holds all the accessories This includes the documentation, an HDMI cable, the stand for the console, the power cables, a USB-C cable, and the DualSense Controller.

Under that is the PS5 itself.

We’re pretty sure that you’ve seen a ton of photos of the Playstation 5 already but we’ve rarely seen ones of this particular edition of the new consoles. It’s definitely a lot sleeker than the standard edition but that doesn’t diminish from the fact that you are definitely going to need to clear out a significant amount of space to make room for it.

The squared-off shape of the previous generation of Playstations would still allow you to neatly tuck it away underneath your TV, but the larger and curvier design language for the PS5 really makes that an impossibility.

So you have an idea of its colossal size, we put it side by side with our PS4 and PS4 Pro and you can really see the size difference between the three of them. The PS5 is a CHONKY boy/girl.

Let’s check out its port selection.

On the front of the Playstation 5, you have a USB-C port and a single USB-A port. You also have a physical power button up in front too.

And on the back, you have 2 USB-A ports, an Ethernet port, the HDMI port, and — of course — the port for powering up the system.

You’re also getting bigger vents on the PS5 and they look to be much bigger than that on the PS4 Pro. Sony did address the issue of noise with their previous model, which is great but we’ve been seeing a couple of videos where they show the system running quite hot.

We recommend keeping your Playstation 5 in a well-ventilated part of your setup to make sure to keep temps down and we’ll see how the system fares once the temps start to rise in our country.

One of the touches that I absolutely love about the Playstation 5 is the texture on the inside of its shell. It’s like an easter egg in a game because you really can’t tell that the pattern is made up of the Playstation icons until you use a magnifying glass or in our case use a macro lens.

Of course, another big change to the Playstation this year is the new DualSense Controller that’s supposed to have amazing haptic feedback. Since we just received our unit a few hours before press time, we haven’t really been able to test it out yet and there aren’t really a lot of titles that make good use out of this apart from Astro’s Playroom but I’m excited to see where Sony is going to take this with their exclusive titles.

For now, it feels so much better in the hand compared to the DualShock 4 controllers; especially for someone with bigger hands.

While we won’t be delving too much into the performance of the PlayStation 5 just yet, but everything you’ve been hearing about it is true! Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla loads up in about 30 seconds as compared to the 2 minutes on the PS4 Pro and seeing it in 4K 60fps is an absolute delight!

One thing we have to bring up is the issue of storage. The box has this advertised as having 825GB but upon checking the storage when we booted up the PS5, you’re left with around 680GB.

That’s going to be about 4-6 games depending on how big games get with this current-gen so you might want to think about, which edition you want to purchase. The Digital Edition of the PS5 is fine for me since I tend to play games one at a time and re-download when I want to revisit a title but I do have a feeling that more people will want to get the Standard Ed for this reason.

As mentioned at the start of the article, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is priced at Php 23,990 and the standard one retails for Php 27,990. There were very few stocks available for pre-order but if you’re looking to get the PS5 for yourself, it’s best to check out the Facebook page for Datablitz so you know when it’ll be available again.

Hopefully, more units will be arriving soon.

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