Razer Wants You: PH Store Is Looking For A Paid Online Gamer

Razer Wants You: PH Store Is Looking For A Paid Online Gamer

Getting paid while playing games? Sign us up!

If you didn’t hear, Razer is opening its first store in the Philippines, and as a part of that expansion, the company is also looking for people to hire to man the store. But one of the job entries for the store that we were surprised to see is a paid, online gamer – essentially, Razer will be paying someone to play games all day, obviously with their products.


The job entry, originally posted by Venuz Chong on the Facebook page of Job Search Philippines lays out the requirements for the position: he or she should be 18 – 30 years old, proficient with online games like DoTA, LoL, WoW and other online games, an active forum member and should have a good handle on different gaming peripherals (obviously). We’re not sure if this is a full-time position, but for many that really doesn’t matter – getting paid to play video games all day sounds like a sweet deal to us.

Razer is expected to open their new concept store in SM North EDSA in July, with none other than Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan arriving during the store’s opening on July 3.

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