Samsung’s Dex Turns Your Galaxy S8 Into A Desktop

Samsung’s Dex Turns Your Galaxy S8 Into A Desktop

It’s like Microsoft’s Continuum, but you know, better

The dream of turning your phone into a desktop isn’t a new one – hell, Microsoft tried the same with the Lumia 950 and 950XL, but problems with software integration and the OS itself made Continuum feel bloated, laggy, and not worth it. Samsung’s trying the same with their Dex accessory for the Galaxy S8 and S8+, but the biggest change here is the implementation – Samsung’s efforts with the accessory feels polished and performs well, all the things that Continuum never was.

The Dex is basically a dock that you plug your phone into that has a HMDI port and a number of USB connectors. Plugging everything in is simple, and once you dock your phone into Dex, the UI changes into a desktop-friendly version. You’ll have access to most productivity apps as well as messaging apps though you won’t be able to play Android games (not yet anyway) using Dex.

The Dex will retail for Php 7,599.

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