Starmobile Coming Out With Another Octa-core Phone?

Starmobile Coming Out With Another Octa-core Phone?


Starmobile to release another octa-core phone?

So Starmobile is running a promo on their Facebook page, asking their fans to guess the name of their next smartphone. Normally we wouldn’t make a big deal out of it, but we’ve been hearing murmurs that this may be Starmobile’s next octa-core smartphone and possible successor to the Knight. Don’t get us wrong, we liked their octa-core Diamond X1, but its large size isn’t for everyone, and we’re sure that the company is cooking up something for people who have smaller hands. A five-inch octa-core smartphone maybe? Couple that with an event invite sent by Starmobile reps on the 19th with the hashtag #MakeItGr8, it’s plain to see that the company is going to launch another octa-core smartphone. Whatever it is, we’ll see it in the flesh on the 19th.

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