Take Your Spotify Tunes When You Run With Mighty

Take Your Spotify Tunes When You Run With Mighty

Leave your phone behind

While we love Spotify and its robust library, we hate the fact that we have to bring our phone along with us if we want to use it while running or biking. A phone flopping around in our pocket while we’re trying our best not to faint from physical activity isn’t the best solution, and that’s something Mighty is trying to solve.

Mighty is a small music player that syncs up with Spotify that you can take with you when you want to leave your phone behind. Made by Samsung, Qualcomm and MOG vets, the device kinda feels like an iPod Shuffle. You sync tunes to it via the companion app on your phone, then leave your phone behind as you run. Each playlist that you sync is read to you before playing, so you’re not left in the dark about the music that’s about to blast through your ears.


As for storage, you’re looking at 2GB of built-in memory, and enough juice for 5 hours of continous playback. The device isn’t ready for retail yet, but it’s going in Kickstarter – $79 will nab you one when it ships in November.

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