Viral Fridays: Throwback – The $15M iPhone 5 “Black Diamond” Edition

Viral Fridays: Throwback – The $15M iPhone 5 “Black Diamond” Edition

Crazy extravagance.

Three years ago, an extremely wealthy Chinese businessman commissioned famed UK-based craftsman Stuart Hughes to design an iPhone 5 engraved with a crazy-arse 26-carat black diamond. The extravagant moneymaker (and money-spender) then bought the blinged-out iPhone 5, dubbed “Black Diamond”, for a staggering amount of around $15.3 million (~Php 768M).

According to the product description page on Hughes’ website, the Black Diamond took nine weeks to fabricate. The body of the iPhone is solid gold and the edges of the handset are covered in 600 white diamonds. The Apple logo on the back is also encrusted with more diamonds, 53 to be exact. The more diamonds, the better! Moar, moar, moar! *froths at the mouth*

For those on a “tight budget”, Hughes also featured a vastly cheaper 24-carat gold iPhone 5 which sold for around $4,000 (~Php 200K) back then.

The crazy-arse iPhone 5 “Black Edition” wasn’t the first luxury manifesto Hughes crafted back in the day. A few years before the Black Edition, he was also commissioned to craft a $9M (~Php 452M) iPhone 4S which featured 500 diamonds. Moar diamonds, moar! *frothing continues*

Source: PCMag, Stuart Hughes

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