We’re Giving Away A Starmobile Astra

We’re Giving Away A Starmobile Astra

Starmobile Astra Giveaway!

Astra: Dual Core, Dual SIM Android 4.0 ICS Smartphone with a 4.3-inch Display and TV

Undoubtedly the most viewed article we’ve done in the last few months is our review of the Starmobile Astra. It’s not surprising since we truly consider it the best bang-for-your-buck Android handset. For Php6,990 you get a Dual SIM, Dual-core, Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone running on a gorgeous 4.3-inch IPS display. By the way, it also has an Analog TV Tuner (lol). Since there’s so much interest in this device we gave a call to Starmobile Philippines and asked if they can sponsor a giveaway and they were gracious enough to send us an Astra! Wooot!

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Watch the Unbox Video Podcast on Monday to Find Out How To Join

So how do you join the giveaway? Well, it just so happens we’re airing our “first official episode” of the Unbox Video Podcast on Monday, November 19, 2012. It will air LIVE on The New Media Factory site starting at 7PM (it runs for around an hour). Watch the episode live and we’ll share how you can win the Starmobile Astra! We also might give away an Android tablet so better tune in to the show!

If you haven’t watched our test episode, click here to check it out. We reviewed the iPad Mini and the iPhone 5. This is a weekly podcast that airs every Monday at 7PM.

See you guys online on Monday! Don’t forget: Unbox Video Podcast, 7PM, Monday, November 19!

Tune in on Monday!

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