Zooming in on the Zenfone 2 vs Galaxy S6 Edge Camera Shootout

Zooming in on the Zenfone 2 vs Galaxy S6 Edge Camera Shootout

There you have it
There you have it

Which One is Better?

Our recent post, Camera Shootout: ASUS Zenfone 2 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, got a whole lot of positive and negative comments. This is a follow-up meant to clarify everything and to put things into better perspective and context.

Did the ASUS Zenfone 2 outperform the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge? The answer is simply: YES and NO. Yes because if your measure is photo brightness in lowlight with HDR, the ASUS Zenfone 2 comes out on top. BUT if you measure over-all photo sharpness, especially down to the pixel level, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge whoops the Zenfone 2 (Pixel Master technology of the Zenfone downsizes the photo which results to grainer pixels if you zoom in. If you take a look at the file sizes of the raw files you’ll see that the S6 Edge has a noticeably bigger file size than the ZF2).

To better illustrate this point, check out the photo samples taken from both phones that we zoomed in above. It is fairly self-explanatory.

ASUS is clearly positioning their camera capabilities on taking better shots in low-light conditions which is reflected in their slogan “See What Others Can’ See”. Their take on mobile photography definitely has a lot of advantages but it also has downsides as you can see in the sample shot above. It’s a bold move on their part and we’re interested to see how the market will respond to it.

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