5 Reasons Why Huawei’s Watch Fit Is What You Need During Our New Normal

5 Reasons Why Huawei’s Watch Fit Is What You Need During Our New Normal

Our world has drastically changed thanks to the modern plague, AKA COVID-19. Things that we used to take for granted like speaking with friends, going out to eat as well as traveling to places that aren’t your kitchen or living room are now small luxuries that are fraught with hidden dangers because of the health crisis.

It’s become even more important nowadays to keep healthy, and one of the ways to keep yourself in shape is by keeping a closer eye on your overall fitness, and nothing does that better than Huawei’s new Watch Fit.

Here are 5 reasons why it’s the best choice during our trying times:

1. Large, Super AMOLED display – Huawei’s smartwatches have always had big, bright, and beautiful screens, and the Watch Fit is no exception. Big screens make it easier for users to check their metrics and their progression, as well as make it easier to check the status of their run even under the noonday sun. You can even customize the watch face depending on your mood. There’s plenty of customization available for you with the Watch Fit.

2. 12 workout animations plus 96 workout modes – It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete newbie working out for the first time or an old hand that wants to try something new – the Huawei Watch Fit has something for you. There are 12 workout animations in the watch that’ll guide you through the correct form of basic exercises, right on your wrist. This has been handy for us especially – we’re all trying to live a little healthier at Unbox, and the guided exercises have been incredibly helpful in getting couch potatoes like us, who haven’t really seriously exercised since we were all forced to do it during PE class.

If you want to exercise at your own pace, you can use the 96 workout modes that are built into the watch. These workouts cover the most common activities like biking and running, as well as other activities like lifting and running in place.

3. Sp02 detection, stress, and activity tracking – The Huawei Watch Fit has a dedicated Sp02 sensor that measures blood oxygen saturation. Low Sp02 can result in health problems, and being able to detect low Sp02 early helps immensely in detecting respiratory diseases before the onset of severe symptoms.

And unlike most smartwatches, the Watch Fit also has stress tracking capabilities in addition to all the other fitness-related trackers that you’d expect. This allows you to monitor just how stressed you are throughout the day in real-time. If you are getting stressed, the watch can guide you through easy-to-follow breathing exercises to calm you down, and even reminds you to get up and walk after long periods of inactivity to get the blood flowing.

4. Dedicated GPS module – You no longer have to run with your phone with you to get precise tracking information with Huawei’s Watch Fit. The wearable has a dedicated GPS module inside of it making for more convenient runs, bikes, and swims. Combine that with the AI heart rate algorithm, the watch will be able to give you real-time metrics of how much calories you’re burning through your workout routine.

5. Week-long battery life – Huawei’s wearables are known for lasting a long time on a single charge, and the Watch Fit is no exception. Huawei promises a battery life of around 10 days on a single charge. That’s exceptional endurance that its competitors haven’t matched.

The best part of all of this is the fact that the Huawei Watch Fit is incredibly affordable, at just Php 4,999. It’s probably the best smartwatches you can get today, and the fact that it’s so affordable is just icing on the cake.

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