Axie Infinity Scholarship: The Complete Guide

Axie Infinity Scholarship: The Complete Guide

Axie Scholars

Axie Infinity is a “play-to-earn” game that lets you earn cryptocurrency in the form of Small Love Potions or SLP. These coins can then be converted to pesos or any local currency. The game has been blowing up locally and internationally due to the possible earnings you can receive from playing the game. However, not everyone has the money or time to play the game consistently to earn SLPS. This is where the scholarship program comes in. Scholars can play for managers to help them earn and get a cut of that sweet SLP income. That’s why many entrepreneurs are building their Axie infinity teams and Axie Infinity scholarships.

Axie Infinity Scholar Program

How To Build An Axie Infinity Scholarship:

  1. Create an Axie Infinity account for the scholar
  2. Choose the Axie you will gift to the scholar
  3. Input the Ronin wallet address of the scholar
  4. Gift the Axie to the scholar account
  5. Save the account QR code and give a copy to the scholar

What is an Axie Infinity Scholarship?

Scholars are people who want to play the game but don’t have the monetary resources to do so. They’re essentially bankrolled by managers, who face the opposite dilemma: they have a lot of resources (whether cash or Axies already bred) but don’t have the time to play with them all. A scholarship is exactly what it sounds – a manager gives scholars some of their unused Axies so they’ll play for them, splitting whatever the earnings the scholar gets while playing the game.

A typical scholar gets three Axies from the manager to be able to play the game and earn SLP. The earnings of the scholar will be divided between the manager and scholar once the team earns enough SLP for a cashout. Earnings are usually divided along the lines of 60/40 (where the majority goes to the manager) though it all depends on what the agreement is between the two parties.

A manager (a good one anyway) also helps scholars learn the ins and outs of the game, which is daunting for anyone that wants to start playing. The complicated economy combined with the high cost of entry makes the barrier for entering the game incredibly steep – a manager helps quite a bit in overcoming that.

What an Axie manager gives scholars:

  • 3 Axies to be lent out to start playing
  • Education on the ins and outs of Axie Infinity
  • Steps on how to earn more SLP
  • Support within the Axie community

Here are the following requirements needed to build an Axie Infinity Scholarship:

  • Google Chome or Firefox
  • Metamask account
  • Axie infinity account
  • Ronin wallet account
  • Axies to lend to scholars

Firstly, you will need to create a Ronin account for the scholar. Go to your Ronin account and create and choose an input name that’s similar to the Metamask account name. Go back to the Axie Infinity marketplace and make sure that your main account is logged off. The main account that’s selected should be the Metamask and Ronin wallet of the scholar. Click “Log in” and then choose “Log in with Ronin”. You will have to approve the sign-in. After these necessary steps, you have successfully created an account for your scholar to use!

To transfer an Axie to a scholar account, you will choose from your current Axie lineup. Click on “Gift” to start. Input the ronin address of the scholar and finalize the selection by clicking on “Gift” again. A pop-up card should appear to confirm the transaction. Click away and you will see the Axie gifted to your scholar. Take note that if you’ve leveled up your Axie, gifting it will reset it to level 1.

Axie Scholar PC

The transfer of your account is not an actual direct transfer with all your information. You just give access without exposing your important keys. To do this, save a photo of the QR code on your dashboard and send it to your scholar. The QR code is for scholars who play on mobile. For scholars that play on PC, you will have to give your account credentials such as email and password. Make sure that you keep the account secure and give these credentials to a trusted scholar or an experienced scholar. Don’t worry about giving away account details as they will not have access to the important keys or control of the other accounts.

To monitor your scholars, make sure that the Ronin and Metamask accounts have the same name. This is especially useful if you’re collecting earnings and it will also avoid confusion with names. You may opt to use scholar tracker tools to track Small Love Potion earnings.

For more information, you can join the official discord to get more information about how an Axie Infinity Scholarship works and to find managers and scholars in need.


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