Axie Infinity Season 20 To Bring Economic Balance

Axie Infinity Season 20 To Bring Economic Balance

Axie Infinity Season 20 is just around the corner and the Axie Infinity Team have already announced the changes players should expect. 

Axie Infinity Season 20 To Bring Economic Balance

“While we’ve all experienced the euphoria that comes with incredible growth and prosperity, we’ve also more recently entered into a period of economic uncertainty. We all feel this pinch, which has made the last few months difficult for everyone,” Axie Infinity announced via their Substack.

Although the project has entered a period of economic uncertainty, the team has assured the community that they are taking the necessary steps to ensure that a “healthy and predictable economy evolves over time.” This is evident in the upcoming season 20 changes which include economic balancing adjustments affecting adventure mode SLP, daily quest SLP, and arena reward structure. 

Axie Infinity Season 20 Changes:

Elimination of Adventure Mode and Daily Quest Rewards

  • As a first measure to stabilize the economy, we have removed the 50 SLP that can be earned from adventure mode each day. This alone will remove around 130M SLP per day.
  • Removing daily quest to reduce issuance by around 45 million SLP per day.

Revamped PVP Rewards Structure

  • For Season 20, we’ve expanded the number of leaderboard slots to 300,000 and increased the amount of AXS they’re giving out to 117,676. This will supercharge the competitive Axie scene and create more demand for quality Axie teams in the ecosystem. This equates to a six million USD equivalent prize pool for Season 20!
  • We will be adding back 1 SLP per win for players under 800 MMR. This will bring some utility to weaker Axies and encourage players to practice even if they’re still learning or having difficulty with the game. Advancements with our bot detection system as well as reduced earnings for bots have also made reintroduction of these rewards possible.


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