DICT Wants Permits For Telcos Done In Seven Days

DICT Chief wants red tape cut for faster internet

During the first day of the Philippine Telecoms Summit, both PLDT and Globe laid down one of the biggest hurdles they faced when both of them needed to add infrastructure to their respective networks. Namely, red tape because of the Local Government Units, as well as the issues that they faced with uncooperative home owners in several key areas of the metropolis.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) headed by Secretary Rodolfo A. Salalima has announced that the processing time for both licenses and permits for putting up infostructure and infrastructure necessary for telecommunications should only be seven days. An allowance of two more days may be given for the local chief executive to decide to either approve or deny a permit, but if after that no decision has been made, the permit should be deemed approved.

Salalima reckons that if everybody followed the seven day rule, the country should see improvements on telecoms services in just six months. He earlier said that he will be asking the president to craft an Executive Order to compel LGUs to act on the licenses and permits needed in the time frame he has given.



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