Do E-Scooters Require LTO Registration?

For the past few weeks, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has been reiterating the need for e-scooters and e-bikes to obtain a license and registration from the Land Transportation Office (LTO)

Do E-Scooters Require LTO Registration?

According to Atty. Victor Nuñez, head of MMDA’s Traffic Discipline Office for Enforcement, e-scooters and e-bikes with a maximum speed capacity of 50 kilometers per hour or more must be registered under the Land Transportation Office (LTO). 

True enough, LTO Administrative Order No. 2021-039 requires several electric vehicles to be registered. However, looking at the provisions of the said order, it seems that the scooter being referred to pertains to a different type of scooter, which is the motorcycle-type scooter and not the stand-up scooter. In fact, only the following e-bikes require LTO registration:

  • E-SCOOTER (L2B) – a three-wheeled vehicle, with or without pedals, powered by electrical energy capable of propelling the unit up to a maximum speed of 50 km/hr. 
  • E-MOTORCYCLE (L3) – a two-wheeled vehicle, powered solely by electrical energy capable of propelling the unit more than 50 km/hr.  
  • E-TRIKE (L4, L5) – a three-wheeled motor vehicle powered solely by electrical energy with a minimum rated power of 1000 W capable of propelling the unit to no more than 50 km/hr and having a maximum curb weight of 600 kg. It is designed for the carriage of goods, cargoes, freights, and passengers.

Therefore, stand-up scooters do not require LTO registration, although they are mandated to use protective gears under LTO Administrative Order No. 2021-039. It is important to note that MMDA has no rule-making power, which means they can only enforce the rules but not create them. In short, they cannot enforce something that has no legal basis.



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