You Can Now Send 100MB Files on Facebook Messenger

You Can Now Send 100MB Files on Facebook Messenger

After giving Facebook Messenger users the ability to edit messages (with a few caveats) last December, Meta is giving a new set of updates to the popular messaging app, which include being able to send files of up to 100MB. 


This is one of the best updates for Facebook Messenger to date. By increasing the maximum file upload to 100MB, users can send large Word, PDF, Excel, and even video files over Messenger, giving you an alternative to emails when sending files. 

The other big update to Facebook Messenger is sending photos, where you can send single or multiple HD photos. All you have to do is enable the HD toggle before sending the image. Photos sent in HD will have an HD label.

Being an established messaging platform, Facebook Messenger will also let you create albums and collaborate with other people in the group chat, where you can view, add, delete, and download photos and videos from the shared album. For this, all you have to do is tap Create Album after selecting multiple photos or tap Add to Album if you want to add photos on an album created.

Rounding up the latest upgrades to Facebook Messenger is the use of QR codes, where you can connect with other by simply scanning your QR code. For this feature, you simply go to Settings and tap the QR code icon to generate your QR code.

That wraps up all the updates made for Facebook Messenger this April 2024. Which feature are you excited for the most?

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