Google Responds to ChatGPT by Experimenting with AI for Search

Google Responds to ChatGPT by Experimenting with AI for Search

ChatGPT’s surging popularity has made Google find ways to improve Search–especially with Microsoft utilizing AI to make Bing and Edge more powerful and versatile. At I/O 2023, Google revealed that they are working on their own take on AI to improve Search. Called Generative AI, Google’s new breakthrough aims to give you more accurate search results–with their demonstration showing similar capabilities to how Microsoft utilizes AI with Bing.

With generative AI, Google claims that asking questions from Search will give you more comprehensive results that include new viewpoints and insights. This also helps with shopping as well, as queries inputted to Google Search will give you detailed product descriptions that will include reviews, ratings, prices, and the right images.

While there’s a debate on the ethical use of AI, Google assures everyone that their AI models are trained “to uphold Search’s high bar for quality”, and that it will make improvements along the way.

Google is starting small with its Generative AI for Search, as it will be available initially for users in the US, only in English, and only on Chrome for desktops and the Google app for Android and iOS. If you fit the criteria, you can sign up for Search Labs here.

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