Grab Says Booking Rides will Improve Further Starting June 2023

Grab Says Booking Rides will Improve Further Starting June 2023

If you are one of those people who is booking rides via Grab, here’s some good news for you: starting June 2023, Grab users can expect a noticeable improvement when it comes to booking rides, where they claim that ride confirmations will be twice as fast compared to the last quarter of 2022.

This is made possible as te LTFRB has recently approved the addition of 4,000 TNVS slots in January 2023 and 10,300 more slots in April. Grab said that its driver-partners are filling up the slots quickly, contributing to better response times every time a passenger books a ride. In addition to having more slots, Grab is also committed with its robust driver-onboarding campaigns as well.

“At Grab, we consistently advocate for a steady increase in TNVS slots to address the demand-supply gap that arose during the pandemic. With the opening up of more TNVS franchise slots, Grab and other players can better meet the mobility demand of the commuting public,” Grab Philippines senior Director for Operations Ronald Roda said.

Having more TNVS slots also gives more livelihood opportunities to Filipino drivers and less waiting time for passengers as well, which is a very necessary move as the holidays are coming close. This progress will empower us to deliver unparalleled reliability and cater to the fast-rising demand for seamless ride-hailing services,” Roda adds.

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