How To Activate GigaPay With Paymaya

How To Activate GigaPay With Paymaya

GigaPay with PayMaya KV

Smart Communications Inc. just launched its latest life-enhancing upgrade to the GigaLife App. It’s now easier to buy your favorite Smart promos with GigaPay using your PayMaya account. All Smart subscribers including Smart Prepaid, Smart Postpaid, Smart Bro, Prepaid Home WiFi, and TNT can now link their PayMaya account to their GigaLife app, making payments and in-app transactions are easier and more convenient. We’ll also be teaching you how to activate GigaPay with Paymaya below.

Thanks to the GigaLife app upgrade, there’s now no need to switch apps or do multiple logins. You’re also able to quickly enjoy all of the same perks when it comes to cashing in and reloading with PayMaya when you want to buy something from Smart’s GigaLife app as well, and earn points that nets you freebies and other perks from the app.

Using GigaPay is easy! Subscribers must download or update their GigaLife App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once you log in to the app, tap on the GigaPay icon to link your PayMaya account as your main payment method. Once you activate your GigaPay purchasing load and subscribing to promos are faster than ever and you can stay online and connected for longer.

How To Activate GigaPay with Paymaya:

  • Download or update your GigaPay App through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Login To GigaPay
  • Click on “Link PayMaya”
  • Tick the two boxes on the Data and Personalization Screen
  • Enter Your PayMaya Details
  • Check Your PayMaya enrolled account number for the One-Time Passcode or OTP
  • Input the OTP to connect your PayMaya account to GigaPay
  • Tap On “Approve and Activate GigaPay”

Visit the official Smart website for more information.


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